India is rapidly transforming and the economy is undergoing swift changes. We have to reckon with newer products, processes, markets, evolving lifestyles and changing fiscal, monetary and trade policies in India. Personal care products have seen double digit growth in several product categories but the per capita usage is low.
New market opportunities and new product categories such as products for men are emerging. A rise in the use of concentrates and pods in liquid laundry and dishwash is an emerging trend. An important paradigm of ‘Green and Natural’ for the industry remains. There is an increasing emphasis on the use of natural and sustainable products given the challenges posed by synthetic options. Limiting plastic usage across the supply chain is now mandated and the focus is centric around a sustainable living.
The Indian HPC industry has an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to these emerging trends and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) enunciated by the United Nations.
The Home Care industry is under considerable stress to lower its ecological impacts. Amongst many challenges it faces, there is the need to reduce the amount of plastics used for packaging its products. Plastics are polluting rivers and oceans and in turn micro plastics and micro fibers are found in the food chain and this will have significant health hazard for the coming generations. This issue has become more urgent in recent time, with several state governments resorting to banning the use of ‘Single and Multi-layer Plastics’ with more stringent regulations to follow in case the industry fails the voluntary compliance.
In order to provide a rational solution to reduction in use of plastics the Indian Home and Personal Care Industry Association (IHPCIA) had been promoting the development of “Concentrated Liquid Detergents in water soluble films for the Home Care.” IHPCIA had also conducted seminar on this important topic in Mumbai on 30th November, 2018.
The changing dynamics of Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics Industries in Asia offer new exciting opportunities and challenges. To deliberate on these and related issues, the Indian Home and Personal Care Industry Association (IHPCIA) has been organising Triannual Conference - International Convention on Soaps Detergents and Cosmetics (ISDC). The first event was held in 2005.
ISDC 2020 is the 6th in the series of the International Conferences on Soaps, Detergents & Cosmetics held in India. The theme of ISDC - 2020 Convention is,” Changing Dynamics – Digitisation, Sustainable Growth, and Business Challenges”
Added Attraction
The convention will also be holding special sessions on :
1. Student Outreach Program
2. Industry-Academic Interactions
3. B2B meetings and
4. IHPCIA Initiatives
ISDC-2020 will discuss the ongoing transformation of the industry and emerging trends worldwide and in India. Domain experts from India and abroad will share their insights into the HPC market. The event is supported by members of International Network of Cleaning Product Associations (INCPA), Asia Oceania Soap & Detergents Association Committees (AOSDAC) and Soap & Detergent Associations from West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Chattisgarh.
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