The 5th ISDC conference aims at providing a networking platform for an exchange of views on industry perpectives, global dynamics, sustainable supply chain, challenges and opportunities, technology innovation and digital future in emerging markets which offer robust growth and business opportunities for the HPC industry.
IHPCIA is a member of International Networking of Cleaning Product Associations (INCPA), Asia Oceania Soap & Detergents Association Committees (AOSDAC), whose members serve over 4.5 billion people in 36 countries with a market value of member companies totaling USD 240 billion is organizing this International triannual event.
Business and corporate leaders, decision makers, technocrats, entrepreneurs, managers and analysis engaged in th HPC and allied industries are invited to attend the 5th ISDC and be part of this exciting event.
The conference will focus on emerging markets, future prospectus, changing business dynamics, technology and innovation and challenges and opportunities with six keynote addresses and fourteen speakers to share their views.
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