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Student Outreach Program Industry-Student Placement Options
The Student Outreach Program initiated by the IHPCIA will be a unique offering at ISDC 2020. The aim of the program is to foster participation of talented young students from academic institutions in India and the Home and Personal Care Industry. This program is designed to engage youth in industry activities through poster presentations at the conference, where they have the opportunity to compete, interact and be recognized with industry professionals. Through the support of IHPCIA members and other related associations, the Student Outreach Program is focused on growing student activities and participation at the Conference and throughout the year. The program aims at facilitating placement of final year students in Industry.

Industry - Academia Interactions
Academia and Industry are two important functions that complement each other. A strong collaboration between the two can enable innovations, share best & sustainable practices, produce new products and growth avenues and in turn grow and develop a sustainable and thriving economy. In recognition of this, the IHPCIA has introduced interactive sessions at the ISDC 2020. The conference will provide a platform where members of the Industry and Academia can come together to discuss innovation, collaborate on R&D, and to work together on topics that can benefit both. The focus will be on sustainable growth aligned with the Swaatch Bharat program with reduced CO2 footprint, use of renewable ingredients, reduced water needs for room temperature washing and reduction in use of plastics for packing.

Cleaning for a purpose Clean Kits
IHPCIA's leading initiative supporting hygiene for school children will be showcased again at the ISDC 2020. The initiative involves "Clean Kits" that will be packed and delivered to local and municipal schools in the State to spread awareness on cleaning and hygiene. Join the movement!

Clean Right Clean Bright Challenge the future
The "Clean Right - Clean Bright" initiative is to increase consumer awareness about laundry habits and to use sustainable home care products in concentrated forms which avoid the use of minerals, require less water, save energy and also help reduce the use of plastics.

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